Coconut milk

    Even though I have drunk milk all my life, hundreds and hundreds gallons of it, I’m now fairly certain I have some sort of allergy to milk and other dairy products.  So two weeks ago, we stopped eating dairy products and I gotta tell you, the difference is amazing.  I feel a hell of a lot better, in general, without it although I suspect that cheese was the main culprit.  It doesn’t matter, at my age (I’m 57 years old) and my heart (Two heart attacks in three years) the time has come to stop eating cow by-products.
   Still, I’m a creature of habit and I want some sort of creamer in my coffee. (Reduces the effect of acid).  I also started buying these fantastic low Cal cookies recommended by Dr. Oz (More on these cookies in another blog) and I just absolutely must have milk with my cookies.  Let’s face it people, a society that has lost its ability to dunk cookies is….well, its Asia is what it is….the other thing is, every now and then I like a bowl of cereal so I discovered Coconut milk. (coconut milk is the liquid you get from pressing the white coconut meat whereas coconut water is the water found waiting inside the coconut itself).
    It’s not expensive and although it’s not as sweet as milk, it’s pretty good (If you want it sweet, toss some Truvia in it).  It has only fifty calories per cup (Whole milk has about 120)     
   Coconut milk does have a fairly high fat content (around 17%), though the fat is   the healthy kind, but still, use it in moderation because it can affect your overall cholesterol levels.

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