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Diabetes and Insomnia – Are They Linked?

This is one question that has caused countless debates among medical experts. Although plenty of evidence has proven that those who suffer from diabetes also experience insomnia, the possibility of insomnia causing healthy individuals to acquire diabetes remains a question.

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology published a study, which shows findings that may surprise you. Although the study conducted was relatively small compared to most of the available medical studies, it was still able to provide relevant understanding on whether insomnia indeed causes diabetes.

Most people understand that being overweight increases the risks of acquiring diabetes. They are also aware that those who have a family history of suffering from diabetes will increase one’s own chance of developing the disease at a certain point in their life.

Individuals suffering from diabetes can acquire insomnia, but how can those individuals suffering from insomnia acquire diabetes? It has been found that healthy individuals who are not able to get adequate amounts of sleep diminishes the body’s ability to proves insulin, thus increasing the chances of acquiring diabetes.

A particularly alarming finding was that even a single night of lack of sleep could significantly increase the chances of a healthy individual to acquire diabetes. The study concludes that a link is present between the ability of an individual’s body to process insulin as well as the quality of rest acquired.

But the study conducted was relatively small. This calls for further clinical researches to reach a definite conclusion. Nevertheless, the findings remain very interesting.

Studies have also been done that links obesity, another related factor to diabetes, and insomnia. This opens up another realm of discussion that explores the possibility of insomnia to indirectly cause diabetes to those who are having weight issues.

Regardless of the final conclusions that are to be made with how insomnia causes diabetes, it has been definite that individuals who generally have poor health have high chance in acquiring insomnia.

These findings encourage individuals suffering from diabetes to look for effective and natural relief such as a change in diet or regular physical activity as both of these can help decrease the chances of acquiring insomnia.

Others might need to search for more comprehensive cures such as over the counter or prescription sleep aid. Some might also consider homeopathic treatment like acupuncture.

Suffering from insomnia disrupts a healthy lifestyle. If not treated as soon as possible, it will also cause more serious problems in the long run.

Does insomnia really cause diabetes? A final conclusion must still be made. Nevertheless, those who are suffering from insomnia should still find the best ways available to cure it. It is always a better idea to be extra sure when it comes to your overall health.