Beat it

Beat it


I’m a happy fat boy when I have my sweets and for the first few weeks of this diet I went without my sweets …which was hell.  Okay I’m exaggerating.  I’m Irish, so I can do that, …..but it was difficult to go cold turkey on my goodies.  I did try some of the diet goodies in the store but they either taste just God-awful or they are little more than chemical compounds with fake sugar.  However…. from watching the Dr. Oz show I learned that there are some pretty darn good sweets out there for people like us.  Low calorie, good tasting stuff.  And I’m a goodies snob, so when I saw these things actually taste good, they do.

These are really good, about 60 calories per cookie and as you can see, the cookies are really small, so keep that in mind. But they taste great and the price was very good.

There are all sorts of  low cal, dairy free, sugar free ice coconut based creams out there and they are REALLY GOOD.

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