Beat it

Beat it

I put salt on my salt

I have to stop eating so much salt.  I’m not a kid anymore and I have high blood pressure and salt isn’t good for the blood since excess sodium can contribute to high blood pressure and risk of osteoporosis. (A Greek word meaning ‘porous bones’ in case you’ve ever wondered)   So here’s the game plan. Medical types say to try and keep salt intake to 1 teaspoon per day, and frankly, that going to be hard for me but I have to do this because right now the way I’m eating is killing me.

 Here’s some far less dramatic facts….seventy-five percent of the sodium in the US diet comes from processed foods, while 20% comes from salt added at the table or in cooking, and just 5% is naturally present in whole foods.

 Since we have all but stopped buying and eating processed foods in my house (One of the benefits of being able to cook) I’m okay there.

Table salt is not pure sodium – it is about 60% sodium and 40% chloride.

 Some foods that do not taste salty are actually very high in salt. An ounce of flaked corn cereal or a slice of bread contains more sodium than an ounce of potato chips or an ounce of salted peanuts.