Beat it

Beat it

Kale Chips!

Kale is another one of those wonderful foods that we try to toss into everything from salads to juices.  And why not?  Kale has calcium, lutein, iron, vitamin A, C and K.  It is also laden with beta-carotene and vitamin C and loads of fiber.  It can protect against cancer, it boosts the body’s immune system and keeps away germs and infectious diseases.  Kale  helps to get the liver functioning at top level and best all it fills you up and has few calories.

We love kale chips. Here’s how you make it. Cut off the hard stem part of the kale and wash the leaves.

Put the kale in a salad spinner to get off all the moisture.  

Take it out of the spinner and toss on to a cookie sheet and drizzle a bit of olive oil on the kale, or in my case, spray it lightly with Pam. But using olive oil des give it a rich flavor.

Add some salt

Toss it in the over and bake for 15 minutes at 350


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