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Beat it

The flame of hope for diabetes cure

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Each year since 1991, November 14th has been marked as the World Diabetes Day. This day is also the birthday of Frederick Banting, who discovered insulin and thus gave the medical lifeline to diabetics for survival. However, whilst insulin helps in the control of Type 1 diabetes, it does not cure it.

The Flame of Hope, an eternal flame lit in honour of Frederick Banting as well as all those who have been affected by diabetes, is located in London, Canada. The flame has been burning for the last 25 years and will only be extinguished once a cure for diabetes has been developed.

With the centenary of the insulin discovery being only less than a decade away we are still waiting for the definite announcement that a cure for diabetes has been found. That’s why the continued efforts by the global diabetes community to raise awareness for diabetes and to raise funds for diabetes research are vital. We can all do our bit in numerous ways so to have an even bigger voice in supporting diabetics: blog, tweet, share, or wear blue just to name a few.

And we must believe that one day that flame will finally be extinguished!