Beat it

Beat it

Me Vs. Diabetes

I've lost 18 pounds since just before Thanksgiving....I'm down from 272 to 254 as of this morning....I'm still 54 pounds overweight and 34 pounds away from my first goal of 220 pounds but Rome wasn't build in a day and it took me more than a decade to put this weight on.....but, still, I'm pleased.

My blood sugars are down to a low of  90 to a high of 117, considering that the average for the longest time was 225, it's good news. 

Here's what I've been doing to get the weight off;

I take my medications daily which include Metformin and Victoza. 

The hospital group I go to as a "roaming nurse" who is available by phone. I stay in touch with her for encouragement and advice.

I walk two miles a day, or at least six to eight miles a week. I don't kill myself over it. To keep my mind off of what I'm doing. I take the dog and my camera and walk around a nearby park (You can go and look at the photos I take at LakeFairfax.blogspot.Com)  

I stopped eating most starches like bread and white potatoes. I think that's made the biggest difference 

I stopped kidding myself about junk food and stopped eating it....and I LOVE JUNK FOOD....

I'll keep you posted.