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Diabetes can sometimes bring on mood swings

People with diabetes can have mood swings for many reasons

By Holly Firfer, CNN Published: January 28, 2015, 11:00 pm Updated: January 29, 2015, 12:30 am

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(CNN) – Diabetes can affect both your physiological and mental health. One of the psychological side effects that can be challenging to diagnose is mood swings, but depression and emotional distress are more common in diabetes patients than you might think.
People with diabetes can have mood swings for many reasons. It could be anything from blood sugar fluctuations to the psychological stress of having the disease.
Dr. Scott Isaacs, told CNN, “They psychological component of diabetes is difficult to treat because there are so many aspects that can affect it. You have to address all aspects of your life.”
Isaacs says it can be difficult to know if your mood swings are the result of your diabetes.
One way to know is to check your blood sugar, then talk to your doctor if its too high or too low.
“There are two ways to treat mood swings in patients with diabetes.”
First is, you have to get your health under control. You have to get your diabetes controlled, smooth out the high and low blood sugars, exercise regularly, eat healthy foods and avoid alcohol and drugs.
Isaacs told CNN, “The second is to address the psychological component. Don’t hide your feelings, talk to your family and friends. You could seek out a support group ’cause talking to other people going through the same thing can be very helpful, and talk to your doctor openly and honestly about your feelings.”